Assisted Living at Eberhardt Village

Seniors at Eberhardt Village’s assisted living receive a step up in the level of care provided by independent living. Private suites provide a level of independence while still receiving care on a more personalized basis. Bathrooms are designed with safety in mind, and a kitchenette offers a space to make basic meals.

Learn more about our private suites here.

Assisted living offers the option of choosing from different tiers of monthly service packages, ranging from a more hands-off level of assistance to more daily needs of seniors. Suite BedroomClick here to learn more about the amenities and services we offer seniors.

Eberhardt Village boasts a staff readily available 24/7. Other amenities include a hair salon, social activities, a private dining room and church services.

Our assisted living is conveniently located next to The Arthur Home with the two buildings connected by a hallway.



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Eberhardt Village
431 W. Palmer
Arthur, IL 61911
Phone: 217-543-3705